Are your feet killing you?

We have a solution for you! Put your feet up and read the Townships Sun. Your feet will get a special rest while you read our 52-page March 2024 special edition, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Townships Sun.

Yes, your editorial team and contributors have been busy as beavers at the Townships Sun! We’ve got contributions from movers and shakers in the Townships community, both veterans and newbies.

Here’s the scoop: At my elbow is an advance copy just off the press! I can smell the printer’s ink. I can see the glow of colour on every page. I can find humour. See cartoons. Read thoughtful perspectives arising the past five decades.

It’s a voyage of discovery, and it’s coming your way this week. Subscribe, if you haven’t. Have a read. Your feet will thank you, and so will your mind!


– Rachel Garber, Editor of the Townships Sun

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