• Do you enjoy making art?
  • Taking photos?
  • Writing stories?
  • Poems?
  • Getting published?
  • Getting cash?

Then Young Voices is for you!

Young Voices invites creative young people in the Eastern Townships to participate in the Townships Sun –  your community magazine.


Participate in a series of free creative workshops on Zoom, plus YouTube short videos and info capsules, during October 2022.
Write poetry, stories, or nonfiction; create photos or artwork for magazines. Develop your creative voice and eye.

Poetry. Writing poetry for magazines.

Fiction. Writing fiction for magazines: short stories, humour, and more.

Non-Fiction. Writing non-fiction for magazines: feature articles, commentary, reviews.

Visual Arts. Creating photography or artwork for magazines.

Working with the editor. How do you pitch your idea? How does the submission process work? What about a contributor’s contract? What does the editor do?

Visit us at

See us on Instagram: @tyvoices and  @TownshipsSun


The digital E-Guide – Photos/Poetry/Art/Writing for Magazines, is a short guide about the ins and outs of photography, poetry, art, and writing for magazines.

The E-Guide is designed for youth and available at no cost to youth, teachers and other interested persons.


The Townships Sun offers Awards in these categories:

(1) Fiction; (2) Non-fiction; (3) Poetry; (4) Photography; (5) Artwork.

  • Five $100 awards
  • Five $50 awards
  • Five Publication-only awards

The work of the fifteen award recipients will be published in the Townships Sun throughout the following year (9 issues).

Themes should relate to the Townships. For example: history, schools, waterways, farming, forests, pollution, nature, community, the future of the Townships. Or any other topic you know about, or want to learn about. What interests you?

Deadline: December 1, 2022.

For details, contact the editor.


Young Voices Zine: You can have a say in developing a Townships ZINE, an online do-it-yourself magazine, a place for youth to have creative freedom – as editors, writers, artists, and photographers.

Interested? Want to participate in the Zine? Have an idea for its name? Email: [email protected]

This project is supported by the Townshippers’ Research & Cultural Foundation, Townshippers’ Association, the Rotary Club of the Boundary, and Write Here, Write Now! of Bishop’s Lifelong Learning Academy.