• Do you enjoy making art?
  • Taking photos?
  • Writing stories?
  • Poems?
  • Getting published?
  • Getting cash?

Then Young Voices is for you!

Young Voices invites creative young people in the Eastern Townships to participate in the Townships Sun –  your community magazine.


Participate in a series of free creative workshops on Zoom, plus YouTube short videos and info capsules, during October 2022.
Write poetry, stories, or nonfiction; create photos or artwork for magazines. Develop your creative voice and eye.

Poetry. Writing poetry for magazines.

Fiction. Writing fiction for magazines: short stories, humour, and more.

Non-Fiction. Writing non-fiction for magazines: feature articles, commentary, reviews.

Visual Arts. Creating photography or artwork for magazines.

Working with the editor. How do you pitch your idea? How does the submission process work? What about a contributor’s contract? What does the editor do?

Visit us at Sun:

See us on Instagram: @TownshipsSun


The digital PPAW Guide – Photos/Poetry/Art/Writing for Magazines, is a short guide about the ins and outs of photography, poetry, art, and writing for magazines.

The PPAW Guide is designed for youth and available at no cost to youth, teachers and other interested persons.


The Townships Sun offers Awards in these categories:

(1) Fiction; (2) Non-fiction; (3) Poetry; (4) Photography; (5) Artwork.

  • Five $100 awards
  • Five $50 awards
  • Five Publication-only awards

The work of the fifteen award recipients will be published in the Townships Sun throughout the following year (9 issues).

Themes should relate to the Townships. For example: history, schools, waterways, farming, forests, pollution, nature, community, the future of the Townships. Or any other topic you know about, or want to learn about. What interests you?

Deadline: December 1, 2022.

For details, contact the editor.


Young Voices Zine: You can have a say in developing a Townships ZINE, an online do-it-yourself magazine, a place for youth to have creative freedom – as editors, writers, artists, and photographers.

Interested? Want to participate in the Zine? Have an idea for its name? Email: [email protected]

This project is supported by the Townshippers’ Research & Cultural Foundation, Townshippers’ Association, the Rotary Club of the Boundary, and Write Here, Write Now! of Bishop’s Lifelong Learning Academy.