$50 for the 50th Campaign: $3266 strong! Plus…

Yes, the Townships Sun‘s 50th Anniversary celebrations ARE happening!

The “$50 for the 50th Anniversary” campaign came to a happy close at the end of December 2023, with $3266 donated by a total of 48 donors, according to our partner, Townshippers’ Research & Cultural Foundation. Thank you SO much!

In addition, five community-minded partners stepped forward to support our 50th Anniversary Legacy Edition: Blanchard Litho Inc., Global Excel, Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network, Townshippers’ Association, and the English Language Arts Network. Our gratitude!

And finally, the Townshippers’ Research & Cultural Foundation and the Rotary Club of Sherbrooke have both lent a helping hand to the new Townships Young Voices 2024 Awards. Much appreciated!

So here’s what’s happening:

Part 1: On January 26 appears a reproduction of the first-ever issue of the Townships Sun, published February 8, 1974.

Part II: On February 26 is published the 52-page 50th Anniversary Legacy Edition of the Townships Sun.

On February 29 is the submission deadline for the Townships Young Voices Awards , with $3000 in prizes. Yes, you read it right! See townshipssun.ca/Townships-Young-Voices for submission guidelines, links to the submission forms, and more information.

Ok, I’ll stop here. (I don’t want to overwhelm you. But more is in the works.) Thanks to everyone – our readers, our contributors, our donors, and our partners – all who have been so generous with time, energy, ideas, and yes, money!

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