This information is from a 3rd party website so some of the colours and text in the images might look different from the Townships Sun website.

When a user signs up for the gifted membership, they’ll be prompted by a pop-up window to fill out a form with the fields From(Name), To(Name), To(Email Address), and a Note field:

Once the user fills out the form, an email will be sent to the recipient with a link to redeem their gifted subscription to a membership.

After the recipient of the gift receives the email, they can click on the link provided in the email to register for their gifted membership. They will fill out a standard registration form that a normal user would use to sign up. Once the user clicks on the Signup button, their subscription will start.


A reminder will  be sent out to the recipient of the gifted membership to let them know their subscription has expired, and that they’ll need to register for the subscription again for continued access.

Account Page for the Gift Giver

When a user gives a gift, they automatically become a Member in the website (if they aren’t already). They can login and go to their account page to see the different options by clicking on the Gifts tab:

If the gift giver clicks on the Gifts tab, they’ll see multiple options.

One of these options is “Copy Gift URL”. Clicking this will copy the gifted membership URL. This can be handy if, for example, the gift recipient doesn’t receive or loses the email containing the link. 

The other option is “Send Gift Email”, which allows the gift sender to send the email out again. 

The account page also lets the user know whether the gift has been claimed: